Blog 2 – Two Things to Know for Online Shopping

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Blog 2 –  Two Things To Know for Online Shopping

In case you missed the first blog in this series, there are two things you should know. First, get the free book mentioned below because it will help you with the rest of these free online course blogs.

It does not matter if you are a “last minute shopper” or if you are an organized “shopping machine” … these blogs will have something for everyone … especially online shoppers.

Second, these blogs are structured to give you free online information to help you with online shopping as well as “in-store” shopping. Don’t worry … if you miss a blog, you can go back and review it because I will leave the blogs up on my website.

Men don’t know it, but they are just as much influenced by colors as women are. I have learned that it is not “cool” to show up at a funeral wearing Camo shorts, a Hawaiian shirt, a Panama hat, and green flip-flops. And, nope, wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses will not make that a good combination either.

Although I cannot cover everything under the sun related to colors … and that would be a bad idea anyway … I will try to cover as many ideas and applications as possible to help people with things that impact their lives.

To give you a preview of some of the upcoming color applications … in no order of importance, I’ll cover: clothing combinations, website color design, painting a room (or whole house), buying a car with interior colors, cosmetic colors with hair and clothing colors, buying curtains with room colors, and much more.

One area that drives people to the brink of self-destruction is trying to arrange clothes in a clothes closet.  For that matter, when you know how, you can find out what additional colors of clothing you need. Or, you may wonder what color nail polish matches that new item of clothing.

There are so many other areas that I cannot possibly cover all of them in blogs. Plus, some people already know all about colors. That’s’ great. They won’t need this … but they might need the in-depth online course that could be coming later.

Online shopping websites drove me and my wife into the “dark forests” of the mystical color “shades and tints.”

Upon emerging from those confusing kaleidoscopes of color patterns, we were no closer to satisfaction than to the Garden of Eden.  It did not matter what we were shopping to find …  no “Tree of Knowledge” of any kind could be found.

However, to bring you closer to the inside of these blogs, and your own color world, I have written a FREE introductory color selection book that may help you with your online shopping (and retail stores) … and other color applications as well.

This FREE book is yours without cost or obligation to you. If you do not know how to choose the proper colors (and combination) on a website, how can you get the items that you want for yourself (and for the gifts you are buying for others)?

In case you missed the free information link in the previous blog, here it is again:  You can even find out there how to get a Free Kindle Reader app to read the free information in the book.

The information in this free book will open your eyes to all kinds of possibilities as I go through parts of an actual website and show you how to apply and use all the color information in the book.

Since online shopping is becoming more desirable (and useful), we all need more tools and directions than ever before.

Selecting colors online is not as easy as walking into a store and looking directly at the item. Plus, the same old question just keeps on coming up:  Does this color go with that color?

However, with the proper tools for shopping, selecting colors is not as difficult as you might expect … once you know how.  Physical-store shopping may improve in 2018, but online shopping opportunities will continue to grow far into the future.

Plus, shopping online often offers far more color selections and products than you could ever find in a “physical” store … and that trend is only going to expand with opportunities.

Also, online stores are beginning to realize that if they do not give their customers what they are looking for … many customers will slap that return label on a shipping box faster than a lightning strike.

Therefore, tricking customers into purchasing something is a foolish idea (hint: always look for that “money-back” guarantee before buying anything … anywhere).

Colors are so important, it is vital to get them right.  Be sure to go ahead and get this FREE book. It will show you how to best use those color-selectors and apply a “shade” or “tint” that you might find on a website (or your mobile device).

In an upcoming blog, I will show you how to use color “shades” and “tints.” Aw heck, I’ll even reveal to you what those “tones” are all about … and how you might use them.

Many websites have those color-selectors on their websites … but most of them do not take the time to tell their customers how to use them. After this series of blogs, you can bet this information will cause a ripple in the online industry.

When color selectors are available on a website, knowing how to use the “shading” and “tinting” parts of these color selectors is vital to a great color outcome on your product or gift.

I prefer providing eBooks because the links in them are easier to access than having to manually transfer them to a search box or URL address box.

Some of you are probably saying … “OK, this FREE book shows me how to get the colors I want from those better websites … but … how do I know which colors I really want?  Or, what colors do I really want? How do I figure that out?”

And, you would be exactly right in asking those questions, and I have some answers for you.

In the meantime, go to this link and save it on your favorites (i.e., on your PC or mobile devices):  Go there and be amazed at over 740 colors and names you can find (to use later).

But … is there even anyone out there that will let me play around with over 740 colors on any of their products?  Yes … there is … and I will show you who it is a little later.

In upcoming blogs, I will show you books and links that will help guide you in making color selections for a variety of applications that may be important and useful to you … and how they might apply to you.

Not only that, but I plan to continue with a series of blogs that may help you in many areas of your life that apply to your color-selection decisions (i.e., gifts, holidays, birthdays, deaths, weddings, funerals, and just about everything else under the sun).

Hope to see you on another color blog soon,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous


PS: Here it is again, the link you need to get your FREE eBook to manage your online color selections for almost any product you choose:    You will need this eBook to understand the advanced tips in my future blogs.

PPS: Also, take a look at a few more examples of what you can do in many categories. Plus, there are hundreds of changes you can make on each one of them (and those images can be used on many other products than just Tee Shirts and Greeting Cards).

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