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Blog 1 – Outstanding “How To Color Shop” Blogs

I decided to offer this series of blogs for free before I convert it to an online course. The reason for that is that an online course can go into far greater detail than a blog.

Shoppers will soon need help with shopping tips and tricks for the upcoming tsunami of online retail shopping opportunities.

A lot of shopping will remain in stores, but retailers are reorganizing to offer more online shopping for customers who visit their retail stores and their online stores.

Welcome to my first “Color” shopping blog. Invite all your friends to take advantage of these blogs … because they will be free only until this information is produced as an online course.

There will be several blogs that cover a wide range of items with almost unlimited color option possibilities on products, gifts, etc. that can be used in both online shopping and physical store shopping.

Most people are completely unaware that they could dramatically change their lives by the colors they choose to use everywhere … because colors affect everything we do … every second of our waking lives.

In future blogs, I will introduce you to the world’s largest market for beautiful, state-of-the-art gifts and high-quality merchandise that can be delivered worldwide … or right to your address.

This company is Fine Art America (FAA), and they have 14 worldwide production companies that have been delivering products since 2006 from hundreds of thousands of various artists and iconic brands. You are going to be thrilled!

It doesn’t end there … I will also provide many resources for shoppers who need products and gifts of all kinds in all categories … and for “the last-minute shoppers” too.

While this will not be a PhD-level series blog course … I can assure you that you will know more than probably 90% of the world’s online shoppers.

Let me tell you up front … I hate long blogs … but I do have some free information for you that you can use both in online stores and in physical stores (without any obligations to me).

I will do my very best to keep my blogs between 800 to 5000 words … unless, of course, something is so fascinating that I need to keep you spellbound with a couple hundred more words.

You must become an outstanding online (and physical store) color shopper … to zoom ahead of your competition. Life, after all, is a competitive event (you know … jobs, love, success, and everything else).

 “How to Become an Outstanding Online Color Shopper” is something that you absolutely must do … and I will provide you with some “free tools” to do it … in this blog.

In fact, you can go ahead and get it now before even finishing this blog.  Go get it here:   (download it and read it for free on just about any device with a free Amazon Kindle Reader).

That’s OK … just go ahead and get your free information at the link above… the blog will be here when you get back … I promise.

Many online retail merchants are becoming aware of the need to provide their shrewd customers with a way to make better color choices for all their products.

NOTE: This is the first Blog in a series revealing strategies to improve your skills in color selections and in online shopping (and in “physical stores” too).

I have more for you. I’m not just going to give you some free information and then run away. I will soon be posting many more blogs in this free-course series.

I used to go nuts trying to match the colors for the clothes I wanted to wear for “this or that” occasion or special event.

Ever get that “gnawing feeling” that your clothing combinations look more like a pizza (with everything on it) … and you would rather eat it than wear it?

My blog is intended to introduce you to the influences of colors in your life … how you influence other people with the colors you use and how other people influence you.

Whether we like it or not, all our successes depend on using our best colors and combinations of colors on everything we wear or use.

This blog came about because of necessity. I was going a bit crazy every day with my wife’s questions. She would come to my office door and say, “How do these clothes look together?” She was trying to look the best for her job … or for going out shopping!

This reminded me of seeing people in clothing stores, asking each other, “How does this look with this?”

As I watched people twirl around in front of mirrors, looking for those pleasing colors, it became obvious that color-making decisions are difficult. This is especially true if you don’t even have a clue what you are looking for.

Being a retired college professor does not make one smart in everything … and neither do a bunch of degree letters after one’s name.  However, I did learn to do research to educate myself on just about anything that grabbed my attention.

After a year of research and study on the relationships of colors … my wife and I made some startling discoveries on the properties and uses of colors. She is finishing a book on the uses and matching of colors in our everyday lives.

Most people need a lot of help in the use and application of colors. The main areas are in online shopping and physical retail stores.

The “birds and the bees” (and just about all other animals) not only use colors but they are also influenced by the appearance of colors. Colors can influence and guide animals for food, mates, danger, recognition, survival and possibly migration.

The animal kingdom appears to be more overtly influenced by colors than the human kingdom. The animal kingdom seems to be more “hard-wired” to colors and their variations than humans … and animals do seem to have a repertoire of “built-in” responses.

For example, the uses and applications of colors for human activities are not always obvious, and they can also be subtle as well as suggestive.

Millions of dollars are spent in marketing and advertising for uses of colors and color combinations to appeal to human emotions, preferences, and purchasing activities.

My wife and I have learned a lot about color selections, and she has become very good at it. She has also learned how to manage one of the most difficult color parts of the house … her three clothes closets (which were in desperate need of color management).

Go ahead and get the current free information at this link:

My next blog will be ready soon.

See you then ….

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous


PS: My upcoming blogs will expand upon the information you can find in the Free information in the link above.

PPS: You really can do some amazing stuff on the adventure you are about to take. Take a look at the image “slider” below in which you can view a few of the images on this website:

PPPS: I recommend that you only take a look for now.  In some blogs coming up soon, I will show you what you can do with images like these … and how to give yourself thousands of options on one image alone. (Note: You can “hover” on the image below and advance the images by clicking the > key … or do nothing and the images will automatically advance.)

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