This is a Blog website featuring many resources for shopping online and offline. The “shopping world” is changing daily … and keeping up can be challenging.

Soon the world will be operating on 5G technology (i.e., 5th Generation Technology) where the digital age will start moving at “Warp” speed.

The first thing on this website for shoppers is a Blog series that presents a free online course about shopping and the effects of colors on shopping.

Knowing how to shop is great … but without places to shop … the shopping knowledge goes to waste. To make sure that does not happen, we have added some select sources where our visitors can find a wide variety of products to review.

By understanding the effects of colors on our products for gifts or personal use, we can greatly increase our efficiency in making our selections by knowing how to make color changes on the products we buy for ourselves or as gifts for others.

Why is color important?  Colors affect every single thing we do in life, and they influence our decisions about why or how we do something.

In the beginning, I was going to convert this shopping blog into an online course.

However, I believe in helping people. To do that, I am going to keep this as a free shopping blog and continue to add shopping information strategies for people to use.

In fact, I am going to add some really advanced shopping tips and skills in the next couple of days (i.e., today is 03-02-2018).

Take a look at the special blogs for some intense, focused information under the “Shopping Lessons” header,  and Click > on the link for the Shopping “How to” Course on the right side of this page. 

Also, see Blogs 12, 13, 14, and “Special Bonus” Blog 15. This is where you can start to put it all together.

However, do not forget to review Blogs 1 through 11 because there is as ton of information there to get started. If you don’t see some of those blogs there yet, just come back a little later. I often take them down to update them with some new information.

This online blog course will remain free … so, tell all your friends to get this FREE Blog now and get ready for some big changes in the retail world (both offline and in walk-in stores).

By the time people get ready for their next big online shopping season… they will be ahead of the crowd of shoppers.

Plus, people do have many events all during the year for which they need that special gift, or card, or other necessities of a personal nature.

Best of success, peace, prosperity, and joy to you.

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: When you get ready to begin your own personal, or gift, shopping … here is one place to start … Click > here:  Shopping With Advantages after you learn how to control and apply colors on gifts and products that you want.  Of course, I am going to show many more resources for people to explore the “shopping” world.

For example, you can jump right into a powerful Amazon search right now by simply typing whatever you want in the SEARCH box below: