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ALERT … Because of Covid-19 … and many shutdown and quarantined people … this course is now being provided for FREE!.

Note: There is an additional blog (Blog #16) for people who are tired of Covid-19 and every other designer disease that come along.


FYI: This is a professional-level course that would normally be taught in one-college semester … on campus or online.

It has been edited for the home users to study at their leisure … without any pressure to meet time schedules or take any type of tests.

However, it has been revised into a series of 15 blog-posts for easy access and use … and can be completed much quicker.

Even though this is not a “chump -freebie” course … it has been re-designed for for easy home study … and can greatly improve a shopper’s ability to use various tools to make far better  choices (when available) than to just take what is offered

And … can it help shoppers with tips and tricks not usually known by the general public?  … Absolutely!

You are free to review this course as much and as often as you like.

You can even tell you friends about it … but you CANNOT reproduce if or offer it from free. This is NOT a PLR production … but feel free to share it with your friends.

We have even provided a FREE book link below to help with the course studies … and you can tell you friends about the FREE book too!



The course … which could be a semester long … is now offered in 15 informative blog posts on this website.

Here is the cover below for the Free book for the course: How To Make All Your Best Shopping Color Choices ©


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Best Color Choices


















It’s really simple. Just follow this simple step:

  1. To get the FREE book from your favorite books store for this online color-shopping course: Click here:  Shopping With Advantages
  2. And, it’s OK to tell you friends about the Free Course and Free book … but you are NOT at liberty to reproduce or sell the Free Course or Free book.

You can go ahead to the FREE  15-Shop Blogs Course at this link:  FREE COURSE BLOGS

NOTE: People are guilty of looking at a blog series and choosing what interests them … but this series of 15 course blogs are meant to be reviewed in order from 1 – 15 … because they build upon each other from one to the next.  If you do skip around as a matter of interest … you can always go back and review what was skipped for a better understanding.

Blog #16 is offered in case you are not already immune to Covid-19 … nor to any of the future contagious diseases that are sure to be introduced into the world.