Blog 3 – Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000’s of Color Options

Blog 15 Tint Color Orange 150x150 - Blog 3 - Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000's of Color Options
Blog 3 – Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000’s of Color Options

One of my graduate degrees is in “curriculum and instruction” … in other words, I learned how to research and develop stuff … and then show other people how to use it.

I will apply these principles in my blogs … but I will try to make all the technical stuff seem like something you could get from a dream … and then enjoy it.

An actual website will be used to demonstrate all the features you will learn how to use as described in the free book. This website will be similar to other websites that have (hopefully) learned how to provide color tools for their customers to use.

If you did not get the free book yet, you will need it to understand how to manage and apply colors as described in these blogs.  Whether you know it or not … color on anything is the most important quality about that thing.

In case you did not get the free book yet, here is the link once again, but don’t wait…   … just go get it right now.

Here is the absolute most important thing you can learn about colors: Normal eyes can detect colors … but the brain decides if it likes the colors or not (single or in combinations).

Here is the problem: The brain needs to interpret those colors and combinations that the eyes can detect … so that the brain can decide if it likes what the color(s) look like (alone or in combination).

Here is the solution: Your brain learns what all those colors are (and how to apply or combine them) before the brain gets to “see” the colors and make judgements.

These blogs will provide basic information to lay a good foundation for shoppers to get an idea of what they can really do with colors.

The upcoming online course will greatly expand what you can do with colors on you, your products, and just about everything else you own or use. (Have you eaten any black grits, or purple oatmeal, or green bacon, or blue steak, or red milk lately?)

We will be using one of my websites for these online shopping demonstrations because it has a wide variety of products with many applications and learning opportunities.

You do not have to buy anything from me, but try to learn everything you can from me.

You need to learn how to use these color strategies and manipulations (from any applicable website) so that you can learn to select and/or manipulate colors on the products you buy from them.

The information you learn in these blogs can be used on any websites that provide you with opportunities to choose and apply the colors you want on their products.

Just be aware that different websites may present different color selection formats. But … once you learn how to manipulate colors, shades, and tints … you will be far ahead of most other people who do not know what you have learned.

However, after you learn to use these different options to manipulate various images, and the many ways to choose your colors … you should be able to adapt to other color options provided to you on other websites … regardless of the color selection options or tools you find.

Here is what you can expect to learn in this series of blogs (on the example website I will provide) which we will be exploring for your learning experiences.  

Here are the in the categories we will explore on the example website:

  • Wall Art (i.e., Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, Metal Prints, etc.)
  • Home Décor (i.e., Shower Curtains, Throw Pillows, Duvet Covers, etc.)
  • Lifestyle (i.e., Tote Bags, Carry-All Pouches, Weekender Bags, etc.)
  • Beach (i.e., Beach Towel, Beach Sheet, Round Beach Towels, etc.)
  • Stationery (i.e., Greeting Cards {write your own message}, Spiral notebooks)
  • Tech Phone (i.e., iPhone cases, Galaxy cases, Portable battery chargers, etc.)
  • Apparel (i.e., Men’s, women’, Youth, Toddler, Baby, etc.)
  • Coffee Mugs (i.e., choose you image and the colors you want)

Note: None of the products in any of the categories above is mass produced. So … it is highly unlikely that you will choose a product and use the exact color coordination as someone else (i.e., with color hex codes, shades, and tints, there could be over a million possible color choices for applicable products).

Plus, no one is going to be able to run out to their local discount store and find any of these products.

To get started, you will need to go to:   in order to effectively use the information in these blogs.

You will have only two tasks while on this website:

  1. Find the stuff you want to review (at 25 galleries with over 1200 items)
  2. Change the color patterns to suit your tastes on various products.

Let’s get started with the first task. Finding stuff will be easy … once you know how. That is what this first section is for.

In the next blog, we will go into the second section, playing around with colors on products. This will be easy … once you see how … and this is what most people don’t know how to do because no one shows them how to do it.

But first, get started with the first task. Click this link now: where you will be presented with many options.

Here is the first task. In the main menu bar on the website (beneath the Header Banner), you will see:

Home – Use this Link to navigate back to the Home page if you find yourself lost somewhere on the website. Or, if you are reviewing a gallery, you can Click > Home to get back to the beginning Home page and start looking at some other galleries.

Shop – Hover your mouse over “Shop,” and a submenu of all products on this website will drop down. There are currently over 1250 digital images that can be used on virtually any product option on this website.

Slide your mouse straight down, and into the submenu, which will contain all the products with images on this website. (Hint: You will discover that any images can be used on almost any of the 1250+ image/products on this website.

You can then move your mouse pointer all around the submenu without losing the items in the submenu until you select one you want to review … or move the mouse pointer out of the submenu.

While in the submenu you can move your mouse pointer around until you see something you want to explore. When you see something that you like, just click on that link.

For example, if you want to see the entire selection of “Greeting Cards,” just click on the item under the heading “Stationery” while in the “Shop” menu. What this means that any image in these galleries can be turned into a “Greeting Card” in which you can write your own message in the card before ordering (or sending) it.

There are currently 1250+ greeting card images … but images are being added all the time. To reduce possible information overload, just click on a Gallery to see what is there for your review.

But … what you do not know yet is what you can do with the colors on every product on this website. For example, you could take one greeting card and change the border colors on it over a million times … and never send the exact same card twice with your color choices.

Images – When you click this link it will bring up every image on the website. There are currently 1250+ digital images on the website … and more are being added all the time. 

However, review all of them if you are looking for interesting themes. These are the images which you can also apply to any of the other products on this website.

Scrolling through hundreds of images can become tiring and boring as the eyes may encounter “color overload.” In that case, just limit your reviews to galleries that have content that interests you.

If you have a preferred image category, I recommend that you choose a “Gallery” because only images in that category will be shown.

Galleries – Clicking on a Gallery will focus your search on items that may be more to your interests, and will not contain hundreds of images that do not interest you.  There are currently 25 Galleries, and more are being added all the time.

Info – When this link is clicked, it will bring up information related to: “About” | “News” | “Events” | and Blogs.”

Contact – Provides a form that you can use to send us information. For example, you can let us know if you have any special requests, or would like to see some more galleries or categories.

If you have a company for which you would like to order special products for promotions, employee gifts, advertising, etc., please let us know. For example, coffee mugs are a favorite item since they tend to be coveted and possessed by people for years.

We can design your coffee mugs (or other items such as T-shirts, etc.,) with special digital images provided by you. Details would have to be agreed upon to make sure that regulatory compliance is in accordance of the policies as set forth by Fine Art America, wherein this website resides.

If you have any questions about a product that you ordered, you will need to contact Fine Art America with the information they provided with your order. They have a 30-day guarantee (and that applies to items you “gifted” as well).

Sign In (on far-right side of main menu bar)– If you are a buyer with previous purchases, just sign in as “Buyer” to speed up your shopping experience.

In the next blog I will show you the world’s largest art marketplace company for print-on-demand technology that puts beautiful art on a multitude of fantastic products … by hundreds of thousands of artists of all kinds.

See you in the next blog,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: In an upcoming blog I will also show you the differences between “Shades” and “Tints” and how you can easily use them with any color to achieve the effect you want. The secret is this: You can use “Shades” and “Tints” to produced millions of color variations.

PPS: See below: Here is a preview of what you can do with almost any color – (Shade it or Tint it): Note – you can shade any color all the way to “Black” or tint it all the way to “White.” The color “Grey” was chosen to demonstrate this principle:

2 twin spirits of love mitchell watrous brian exton tint 300x214 - Blog 3 - Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000's of Color Options

  •  Grey color hex code # a1a1a1
  • Any color can be chosen to apply a “Shade” or a “Tint” to it.
  • Add “Black” to shade  or “White” to tint.
  • Black and White are not actually considered to be colors.

2 twin spirits of love mitchell watrous brian exton shade 300x214 - Blog 3 - Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000's of Color Options

  •  Black color hex code #000000
  • Black represents the ultimate extent to which a color can be shaded.
  • Total Black “color” can only be tinted.
  • Lighter Black colors can be tinted or shaded.

2 twin spirits of love mitchell watrous brian exton color 300x214 - Blog 3 - Discover 8 Product Categories with 1000's of Color Options

  • White color hex  code #ffffff
  • White represents the ultimate extent to which a color can be tinted.
  • Total White “color” can only to shaded.
  • Darker White colors can be shaded or tinted.

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