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Blog 16 – Contagious Diseases Prevention


PROTECT YOURSELF EVERYWHERE FROM CATCHING CONTAGIOUS DISEASES ANYWHERE   Tired of getting sick … lockdowns, quarantines,  disease-fear syndrome. … and of 24-hour news media misinformation? You can do something about it … and no one can stop you. Just get the information below that you need to do it. Some might ask, “If I have all of that TV information, why do I need more information?” Good question … andRead More

Blog 5 – Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

Types of Wall Art

Blog 5 –  Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art Some are curious about my Blog “sign-off” as Professor “Bumblebee.”  I have nothing to do with bees or bumblebees. The only characteristic that I see a kinship with them is that I like “sweet” things … and I tend to jump around to a lot of them to savor their value … and I remember where they are. Today,Read More

Blog 1 – Outstanding “How To Color Shop” blog

Free Online Shopping Course

Blog 1 – Outstanding “How To Color Shop” Blogs This “shopping-tricks” information was being prepared as an online course for about $495 … but with all these lockdowns and quarantines … we thought it might be time to give people a break. Also, see information in the last Blog #16 that may be very helpful to your life, stability, and sanity. My wife agreed … and this material had beenRead More