Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

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Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

Today, I will continue the Wall Art series for Print Frames to show you all the little tips and tricks you need to know so that you to get the most from your online shopping, or physical store purchases. (Note: Do NOT pay any attention to any prices you see posted for a product.)

I feel confident that most of you will discover hundreds of things you can do to improve the beauty of your images with print frame options.

To get the most from these blogs, you really do need the little Free book to guide you. Here is the link again:  If you have not done so yet … please get it and review it … you will be glad you did.

Here is a brief outline of what to expect as we begin today’s journey:

  • We are going to start exploring hundreds options for Print Frames. You will be amazed at what you can do with various colors and frames. I’ll bet that you have probably never imagined these possibilities before.
  • You will develop abilities that you did not even know you had.

You can follow right along with these demonstrations on the following website since we know it best (copy and paste the website link to your browser if necessary):

Let’s begin:  open this website:

Click > on any Gallery (currently 25+) you want to open on the home page. Go ahead and explore a little bit … there are over 1250 images.

Let’s continue from the last blog. For this example, we will click on the “Religious Themes” Gallery, and then click on the image “Cathedral of Love.”

After you click on the image, you will be taken to another page where all the action really begins with 9 category options for each image; 37 product variations; and over 1,000,000 color combination possibilities with color patches and color hex codes (free code sources).

Today, I will go through the Framed Prints (in the Wall Art category) so that you can see how to perform all the actions in these options:

  1. Size
  2. Frame
  3. Mat
  4. Paper
  5. Finish

Note: Take your time … and repeat these instructions as many times as you want to … because there is a lot of good stuff you can find out here.

To see the next image (as shown below) and to make sure that you are in the correct place, use this link:

Below are the things you need to know about this menu … and once you know how to use them … you will know how to make your framed prints like a pro:

 Framed Print 254x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

Click > 1. Size (You need to open an image in  because the image above is not “active” in this blog.

  • Notice that you have four options across the top area of the size options. The options are Natural; Vertical;  Horizontal;  and (Reminder: Go to the website and choose an image … you will see that these four options become “active” so that you can explore your options.)
  • In order to use any these four options, you will need to click on one of the five print sizes that you wish to review (i.e., þ00” x 12.00”). If you do not choose any of these four options, your image will automatically “default” to the Natural option.

However, that is not a bad option at all. But, if you will look at the big image just to the left of the menu box … you can see the changes that will occur with the other three options when you click on one of them.

If this is the style you want, then leave it there and continue. (Note: You can change the size option any time you want to.)

For example, if you wish to consider an option different from the Natural option, then you can click on any one of these at any time:

  • Vertical – you will see a slight shift in the print frame size. This change may only be a slight change from the appearance you saw in the Natural If this is the one you want, then leave it there and continue.
  • Horizontal – you will see a shift to a rectangle-shape in the horizontal position. If there are any words in your image, make sure that they all appear in the image picture. If not, you may want to choose one of the other options for your image. If this is the one you want, then leave it there and continue.
  • Square – you will see a shift to a square-shape frame. If this is the one you want, then leave it there and continue.

Here is a comparison between the Natural and the Square frame choices:

Natural Frame 255x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Natural Frame Dimension – Not a square size.

Square Frame 300x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  •  Square Frame – Not rectangular – but can be designed in larger sizes.

Hold on now … you are not finished by a long shot.  You have so many more options … you will feel like a child in a candy store before you finish exploring.

Once you decide on the size (and shape) of your print frame … you can now consider what type of frame you want around your picture image.

Click > 2. Frame (remember … you have to be on the website to make these things happen, ).

  • First, notice that you will have a o Yes or o No option to choose a frame. If you choose the þ No option, all the frames go away.  Choose the þ Yes option to show all the frame options and colors.
  • The next thing you can choose is a Frame Color, and you will have about 19 color choices at this printing for frame colors to match the walls (i.e., of your home, office, club, pub, dorm room, etc.).
  • Note: I suggest that you continue with these blogs until you learn the secrets and tips to master color-coordinating and color combinations of all things (i.e., clothes, walls, pictures on walls, cars, clothing accessories, skin tones, etc.).
  • Frame choices can range from 1 choice (i.e., Pink color) up to about 40 choices (i.e., Black) and numbers in between.
  • Note: When you are ready to match image colors to wall colors to frame colors, etc. … then come back and put it all together … but for now … continue your learning because you will have a million things pop into your head as you make progress in these blogs.

OK, let’s click the þ Yes option to include a frame and color to complement our picture image.

One of the tricks I use to find colors that go together can be found at this link:  … but just keep it in mind for now since you will not be able to use this information to choose a frame color here.

Note: I will show you a lot more about this link later. Just be aware that it lists about 747 hex code colors with the possibility for hundreds of thousands of shades and tints in between.

For example, in the image we are using for his example (i.e., Cathedral of Love), I see that the prominent image color that flashes out at me is red with several dark colors. Do I have a frame with red colors? Yes, I do.

Before I do the next step, I just want to let you know that whatever frame I choose … it is going to show up around my big image on the left side of my screen (on the website).

Now, I also want you to notice that there is a square box just to the right of my Frame Color: menu box (the box where I can make a color selection. (Note: Just be aware that you can play around with frames and colors, and you can change them any time you want to … even after you have selected one already.)

Currently, I have selected the Red frame color. Then, in the red frame selections, I have chosen frame FT12. You can now see this frame around my image … and in the square box just to the right of my color selector box, you can see my selected frame (i.e. FT12).

Note: If the software gets “stuck” and will not let you apply the frame you want, click “Refresh” or “Reload” and make your selection again.

After you are satisfied with the frame you have chosen (which you can change at any time), let’s go to the next step, which is 3. Mat:

Click > 3. Mat for the next menu, and you can do some amazing things in this menu.

Many people do not know this, but you can “dress up” your images with hundreds of option variations in sizes and colors with your Top Mat: and Bottom Mat: options.

  • Top Mat: You have two options: o Yes or  o Note: The Top Mat is the color portion that extends around the inside of your frame. You can play around with the size relationships between the Top Mat and the Bottom Mat.
  • If you choose the þ No option, your image will extend all the way to the edge of the frame which you have chosen.

Your image will look like the one below (compared to an image with a white color for both the Top Mat and the Bottom Mat), depending upon the frame you chose (but remember … you can change frame styles, sizes, and colors at any time before you finish your creation):

No Mat 230x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • No Top or Bottom Mat
  • Image extends to picture frame

Mat White Top Bottom 251x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Has the same color (White) for both Top and Bottom Mats

But, we are creative, and we want to have a Top Mat that extends around the inside of our picture frame. So … what color can I choose that will complement the frame color?

Let’s go to the link I mentioned earlier:

  • When I go there and type in the color “Red,” I find several interesting things. In this case, I will probably look at “Split Complementary Colors” since I am looking at frame colors as well as two colors for the Top and Bottom Mats.
  • Since my colors options for the two Mat colors are limited to color patches, I am going to try to find some color patches that come close to matching my Frame Color. In other words, I will not find exact matches, but I can find some colors that come close.
  • Since my frame color is red, I am going to try to find some “patch colors” that match my red Frame color … and those would be some blue and green colors.
  • Let’s try a Pearl color patch for our Top Mat and choose a Mat Width of 2.0 inches. Remember: The Top Mat goes just inside the picture frame.
  • For our Bottom Mat we will choose a Congo Green color patch and a Mat Width of 1.0 inches. (Note: Be sure that you are clicking on the colors patches for the Top Mat in that section … and go down to the bottom color section for the Bottom Mat.) Remember: Bottom Mat goes just outside the image.

Then, my picture image and frame will look like the one below (and note that I have also chosen those colors reversed for the Top and Bottom Mats):

Pearl Top Mat 251x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Pearl color Top Mat with  Congo Green Bottom Mat
  • Note: Top Mat is the border that touches the picture Frame.

Congo Green Top Mat 251x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Congo Green Top Mat with Pearl  color Bottom Mat.
  • Note: Bottom Mat is the border that touches the image.

Or consider a Congo green Top Mat or Pearl color Top Mat with a White Rag Bottom Mat:

Congo Green Top White Rag Bottom 251x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Congo Green Top mat with White Rag Bottom Mat

Pearl Top White Rag Bottom 251x300 - Blog 6 – 99+ Magical Options for Framed Print Art

  • Pearl color Top mat with White Rag Bottom Mat

As you can see … you can have fun and play all day with hundreds of options at your fingertips.  For example, you can change the picture sizes, types of frames, and types of Top and Bottom mats.

Note: You can also change the sizes of the Top and Bottom Mats for additional visual effects.

You don’t have to be in a hurry to create perfection … just take your time and totally enjoy the process. Can you imagine … you could send two friends the same picture image with totally different color schemes and effects just by varying the choices of all your options.

By the way … I have shown you only a few of the thousands of variations you can make yourself with just that one image … and you can do this with any of the images on my website (currently, over 1250 images in 25 different galleries).

Click > 4. Paper to find 8 choices for Framed Paper prints. Click on the “question ?” mark beside each paper type to find a description for each paper type. I will cover paper prints a little further in another blog.

Click > 5. Finish. You can get a “Premium Clear Acrylic with Foamcore Backing” on some print options if you want it. However, just wait … I will cover Acrylic Prints in the next blog.

Happy shopping,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous


PS: Acrylic photo coverings do offer some desirable qualities not found in Canvas printing.

PPS: I know … I did not provide information about the mystery artist yet … but I need to get through the Wall Art section so his art will have more meaning for your choices.

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