Blog 5 – Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

Square Frame 150x150 - Blog 5 - Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

Blog 5 –  Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

Some are curious about my Blog “sign-off” as Professor “Bumblebee.”  I have nothing to do with bees or bumblebees. The only characteristic that I see a kinship with them is that I like “sweet” things … and I tend to jump around to a lot of them to savor their value … and I remember where they are.

Today, I will begin a series to show you all the little tips and tricks you need to know so that you to get the most from your online shopping, or physical store purchases. (Note: Do NOT pay any attention to any prices you see posted for a product.)

To get the most from these blogs, you really do need the little Free book to guide you. Here is the link again:  If you have not done so yet … please get it and review it … you will be glad you did.

Here is a brief outline of what to expect as we begin today’s journey:

  • We are going to start exploring hundreds of options for Wall Art … and you will be amazed at what you can do with various colors and frames that you have probably never imagined before.
  • It is quite possible that you have never been exposed to the opportunities that you will discover in this short mini-course.
  • You will develop abilities that you did not even know you had.

You can follow right along with these demonstrations on the following website since we know it best (copy and paste the website link to your browser if necessary):

Let’s begin:  open this website:

Click > on any Gallery (currently 25+) you want to open on the home page. Go ahead and explore a little bit … there are over 1250 images. For this example, we will Click > on the “Religious Themes” Gallery, and then Click > on the image “Cathedral of Love.”

Or, for your convenience, you can get there quickly by clicking on this link:

After you click on the “Cathedral of Love” image, you will be taken to another page where all the action really begins with 8 category options; 32 product variations; and over 1,000,000 color combination possibilities with color patches and color hex codes (free code sources).

I will go through each category so that you can see how to perform the same actions in all 8 categories for yourself with ANY of the 1250+ images.

Note: You can choose any other of the 1250+ images you like and follow along with these same instructions.  See the image as shown below (or Click  >

Cathedral of Love 240x300 - Blog 5 - Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

OK … so you are thinking … “That’s beautiful, but what can I do with it?”

That is probably the most important question you could ask.

Therefore, I am going to show you many things that you need to know to get the very best uses of any image(s) you choose for yourself, or as gifts for others.

Some have already said that there should be an online course for $97 to $297 … but … I will consider that possibility for my blog readers at a later date.

By the way … do not pay any attention to any prices that you see listed with any of these images. Those are just “placeholder” prices that I wish FAA would not show.

Why? Because I will offer various discounts from time to time for those that want to take advantage of any of these high-value, low-cost products.

The first, ever-popular, category today is WALL ART … everybody loves wall art. It can do so much to improve and change any environment in homes, offices, pubs, or wherever it appears.  (I will have a nice surprise for you from another artist at the end of today’s blog.)

So … let’s go! If you still have your image (as shown above), Click > on the Wall Art link just to the right of the large image. If you lost your image, go get another … I’ll wait … or just use the “quick” link I gave you above.

You do not have to go fast … and if you get confused (or totally astounded by the beauty of a product) … just take your time and play around with all the options you find.

See the screen shot the options you will find for Wall Art options for the image, Cathedral of Love (as shown above).

NOTE: On many images, you can scroll down to a section called “ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS” beneath every image you view. You will see how the image looks on various products you can purchase or send as a gift.

However, on many products you will be able to place, or position, the image (and re-size it) on a product. More about that later … but, this option is NOT available on Wall Art.

Shown below, you should see a submenu under Wall Art that contains seven options (i.e., Canvas Prints; Framed Prints; Acrylic Prints; Metal Prints; Wood Prints; Prints; and Posters). Reminder, do not pay any attention to the prices listed because of future discounts):

Cathedral Wall Art Submenu 259x300 - Blog 5 - Great Options to Improve Your Canvas Wall Art

Note: The image above does not have active links.  You will need to go to the website to manipulate the active links:

Let’s take these one at a time. I will spend a little time on each option, but I know that many of my followers will spend a whole bunch of time exploring what they can do.

This exercise will introduce you to the many things you can do … and these are the things that most people almost always do not know about.

Note: Most of these Wall Art images come with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails (when applicable) … and usually ships within 2-3 business days.

Click > Canvas Prints – See the options below:

Click > 1. Size

  • 5 Sizes for Natural print options.
  • 2 Sizes for Vertical, Horizon, or Square print options.

Click > 2. Frame

  • Click > þ No if you do not want a frame around your art-work image.
  • Click > þ Yes if you do want a frame around your art-work image.
  • When you click þ Yes, you will be shown six frame colors to choose from (i.e., Black; Brown; Gold; Gray; Silver; and Yellow).
  • When you click on each of the frame colors, you can review each of the 7 frame options for each color as they will look around your image. You do not have choose any of the frames … but if you do … just click þ Yes to include the frame you want. Otherwise, just click the o No option to exit the Frame section.

Click > 3. Canvas

  • Click > þ Glossy Finish Canvas and then Click > the ? mark for further information.
  • Click > þ Matte Finish Canvas and then Click > the ? mark for further information.

Note: If you just want canvas finish, you do not need to worry about these options. Most of your “Paper” options are going to be found in “4. Wrap.”

Click > 4. Wrap – There are five options in the “Wrap” section.

Note: This looks like a bunch of information … but don’t let that worry you … I am going to break it down into very simple snippets for you to consider. If you want to paper type finish, I will cover that later under Prints.

But, for now, you can get through this very quickly.  Anyway, if you want a “Wrap,” let’s get through the “tricky part … and that’s easy.

Then, go back and choose the size you want. Click > Wall Art; then Click > Canvas Prints; then Click > 1. Size; … and remember, you have 5 Size options … just choose þ the size you want (i.e., let’s say you wanted 9 x 12 inches).

Then, before you leave that menu box, Click > 4. Wrap. (You should notice a box beneath your image, under the word Dimensions, that shows the image size you selected, and in this case, it should be 9 x 12 inches … if not, go back and change it.)

There are five options that you will find to use (and if you do not, click back and try again): (1) No Wrap; (2) Museum Wrap; (3) Gallery Wrap (white); (4) Gallery Wrap (black); (5) Gallery Wrap (mirrored sides).

Now … here is a tip for you: Every time you click one of these five options … watch the image change its appearance. This shows you the changes that take place with the option you have selected.

(Note: If your computer decides it is lost at any time, you might want to click “Refresh or Reload.” Then, just go back to the Gallery you were in, locate your image, and click on it.

Here are the five options in the “Wrap” section:

  1. Click > No Wrap – Rolled In A Tube:
  • Your image should change to a flat picture without any frames or wraps. In other words, this print is rolled up and placed inside a tube so that you can mount it any way you choose after you receive it.
  • If you want a frame around your image … DO NOT choose this option. Even though the Description below the options menu indicates a mounted frame, it does NOT apply to this option.
  1. Click > Museum Wrap (White Sides):
  • With this option, you will notice that the sides of your image (which are wrapped around the frame) have turned to a white color.
  • (Note: I do not know why, but sometime a computer does not do what we want it to do. If your image has some color other than white, click back and make sure that the option you wanted is still selected. If not … change it … and watch for the correct color change again. Better watch it, though … some computers are hard-headed and will insist on defying you.)
  1. Click > Gallery Wrap (White Sides):
  • You will notice that the “Gallery Wrap” image will have a larger white wrap color border than the “Museum Wrap.” That is because the Gallery Wrap border edge is 1.5 inches, while the “Museum Wrap” border edge is smaller at 5/8 of an inch
  • If you prefer a wider border edge, then the Gallery Wrap option will do that for you.
  1. Click > Gallery Wrap (Black Sides):
  • You will notice that this “Gallery Wrap” image will have a large 1.5-inch black wrap color border.
  • This can add nice contrast to images with lighter colors; whereas, a white border edge may provide more desirable contrasts with images with darker colors.
  1. Click > Gallery Wrap (Mirrored Sides):
  • With this wrap style, the image wraps around border edges rather than having white or black on the border edge.

Suggestion: You can review, and practice, this blog as many times as you wish. In fact, I recommend that you spend as much time as you need to explore the awesome options you can find with these images.

Once you get “the hang” of this process you can do some amazing things you never knew you could do … and you’ll have knowledge that only a few people have.

So … I will pick back up next time with Wall Art and Framed Prints. I see there are many options there for you to consider to improve your choices … and I am sure you will be pleased with options you did not even know about!

Until next time … happy coloring,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: I have not forgotten the “nice” surprise I promised for you from another artist, but I will have to wait until I finish this blog section on Wall Art first.

PPS: Being interested in a whole bunch of things at once does not mean that you have ADD or ADHD … it might mean that you have a great imagination … especially when you begin to rearrange those ideas into beautiful, new combinations!


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