Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Top Mat Pink Bottom Volcano Blue 150x150 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

That’s a misleading title. Who would believe that you can have 999 Print Art options?

Actually, with the choices available on this website, you can have many more options than 999. The biggest fun is doing it right before your own eyes.

This blog covers much of what is presented in Blog #5. However, in case you do not have, or cannot find Blog #5, I’ll cover much of it for you again (but with different images).

Keep the information in this Blog (#10) handy because it will apply to Blog #11 about Posters.

To begin:  Open this website: (and keep it open in a handy place such as on one of you tabs or down in your bottom tray).

Click > on any Gallery (currently 25+) you want to open.  Explore a little bit … there are over 1200 images.

To begin this exploration, we will click on the “Coffee Mugs – General” Gallery, and then click on the image “Sailing Through Time” (on page 2 of this gallery).

NOTE: It does not matter which image you open in ANY gallery … you can use any image on ANY product on this website.  Experiment … it’s great fun!

Here is the image option page with which we will begin (i.e., “Sailing Through Time”):

Sailing Through Time 267x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options





Note: Links in image above are NOT active. You will need to go back to the web page you were instructed to put in a handy place (i.e., one of your tabs, or in your bottom tray.

OK, in case you need to open it again:  … go there, and let’s continue on this exciting journey.

If you need a quick link, here it is:

So … let’s go! If you still have your image (as shown above), Click > on the Wall Art link just to the right of the large image (on the website … not in the image above).See the screen shot below for the options you will find for Wall Art options for the image, Sailing Through Time.

You should see a submenu under Wall Art link that contains seven options (i.e., Canvas Prints; Framed Prints; Acrylic Prints; Metal Prints; Wood Prints; Prints; and Posters). Reminder, do not pay any attention to the prices listed because of future discounts.)

Wall Art Menu 1 165x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options






Click > Prints in the menu (while on the website), and you should open a new page that looks like this:

Art Print Menu 300x265 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options



Let’s take these one at a time. I will spend a little time on each option, but I know that many of my followers will spend a lot more time exploring what they can do here.

Note: Most of these Wall Art images come with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails (when applicable) … and usually ships within 2-3 business days.

Click > Prints – See the options in the menu shown above. (Remember … you cannot click links in the figure above … you must be on the website to open these link options.)

Click > 1. Size

  • 5 Sizes for Natural print options.
  • 2 Sizes for Vertical, Horizon, and Square print options.

Click > 2. Frame

  • Click > þ No if you do not want a frame around your art-work image. In this case, your image will appear as a single, flat image without borders or frames.
  • Click > þ Yes if you do want a frame around your art-work image.
  • When you click þ Yes, you will be shown 17 different frame color options to choose from (i.e., Beige through Yellow). This is very useful for matching a frame color with the colors in an image (and in the Top and Bottom Mats).
  • When you click on each of the frame colors, you can review each of the frame options for each color as they will appear around your image. You do not have to choose any of the frames … but if you do … just click þ Yes to include the frame you want. Otherwise, just click the o No option to exit the Frame section.
  • In this example, I will choose a Pink colored frame (FT19).

Click > 3. Mat for the next menu, and you can do some amazing things in this menu.

Many people do not know this, but you can “dress up” your images with hundreds of option variations in sizes and colors with your Top Mat: and Bottom Mat: color options.

  • Top Mat: You have two options: o Yes or  o Note: The Top Mat is the color portion that extends around the inside of your frame. You can play around with the size relationships between the Top Mat and the Bottom Mat.
  • If you choose the þ No option, your image will extend all the way to the edge of the frame which you have chosen.

Your image will look like the one below (compared to an image with a white color for both the Top Mat and the Bottom Mat), depending upon the frame you chose (but remember … you can change frame styles, sizes, and colors at any time before you finish your creation). I chose a 9.00” x 12.00” size for this example:

No Top Bottom Mat 230x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

No Top Mat

No Bottom Mat

White Top Bottom Mats 252x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

White Top Mat

White Bottom Mat

But, we are creative, and we want to have a Top Mat that extends around the inside of our picture frame. So … what color can I choose that will complement the frame color?

Let’s go to the link I mentioned earlier:

  • When I go there and type in the color “Red,” I find several interesting things. In this case, I will probably look at “Split Complementary Colors” since I am looking at frame colors as well as two colors for the Top and Bottom Mats. (Note: Triadic colors would be a little darker, but would work also.)
  • Since my colors options for the two Mat colors are limited to color patches, I am going to try to find some color patches that come close to matching my Frame Color. In other words, I will not find exact matches, but I can find some colors that come close. (The small number of Mat color options is my biggest complaint for FAA.)
  • Since my frame color is red, I am going to try to find some “patch colors” that match my red Frame color … and those would be some blue and green colors.
  • Let’s try a blue color patch for our Top Mat and choose a Mat Width of 2.0 inches. (Be sure to choose a color in the upper color palette.)
  • For our Bottom Mat we will choose a green color patch and a Mat Width of 1.0 inches. (Note: Be sure that you are clicking on the colors patches for the Top Mat in that section … and go down to the lower color palette for the Bottom Mat color selections.)

Then, my picture image and frame will look like the one below (and note that I have also chosen those colors reversed for the Top and Bottom Mats with Pink Frame FT19):

Top Volcano Blue Bottom Mat Pink 252x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Blue Top Mat

Pink Bottom Mat

Top Mat Pink Bottom Volcano Blue 252x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Pink Top Mat

Blue Bottom Mat

Note: You can change the Frames without changing the image, like these below. (Note: You can take one image and play around with hundreds of Top and Bottom Mat colors and sizes, with any of the Frame options … have fun!):

Brown Frame CLM5 Pink TopBlue Bottom 260x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Brown Frame CLM5

Pink Top Mat and Blue Bottom  Mat

Brown Frame FRC13 Pink TopBlue Bottom. 262x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Brown Frame FRC13

Pink Top Mat and Blue Bottom  Mat

Or consider a pink or blue Top Mat with a white Bottom Mat (Black Frame BLKSPR):

Blk Frame BLKSPR Pink TopWhite Bottom 253x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Black Frame BLKSPR

Pink Top Mat and White Bottom Mat

Blk Frame BLKSPR Blue TopWhite Bottom.jpg 253x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Black Frame BLKSPR

blue Top Mat and White Bottom Mat

As you can see … you can have fun and play all day with hundreds of options at your fingertips.

For example, you can change the picture sizes, types of frames, and types of Top and Bottom Mats.  Note: You can also change the sizes of the Top and Bottom Mats for additional visual effects.

If you do not wish to have a Bottom Mat at all, you just Click > þ No, and your Top Mat will fill in the color space between your image and the inside of the (Black Frame CRQ13), like this:

Blk Frame CRQ13 Pink Top only 255x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Black Frame CRQ13

Pink Top Mat and NO Bottom Mat

Blk Frame CRQ13 Blue Top only 255x300 - Blog 10 – 999 Fantastic Print Art Options

Black Frame CRQ13

Pink Top Mat and NO Bottom Mat

You don’t have to be in a hurry to create perfection … just take you time and totally enjoy the process.

For example, you might not like the Black Frame CRQ13 with the Volcano Blue Top Mat above … just change the Top Mat, the Frame … or both!

Can you imagine … you could send two friends the same picture image with totally different color schemes and effects just by varying the choices of all your options for each image.

By the way … I have shown you only a few of the thousands of variations you can make yourself with just that one image … and you can do this with any of the images on my website (currently, over 1250 images in 25 different galleries).

There are two basic ways to order the type of paper you want to use for your images:

  • Select the Paper type for your “Framed” images when you have that option.
  • Select the Paper type for the images you want to mount yourself.

There are 8 options for the “type of paper” used to imprint an image. Unless you are a professional photographer, you might want to seek some professional guidance before trying to order and mount your own images.

However, to select the “Paper” quality for your images, follow these steps:

Click > 1. Size and select the print size you desire (and read the “Description” *).

Click > 4. Paper, where you will find 8 paper options. Click the “? mark” beside each paper-type finish for further information about each paper type.

Note that the default paper type is “Archival matte Paper” which is not bad … but if you want to refine your paper choice, you should review the “paper-type” details.

* Here is the Fine Art America (FAA) Description … “Our prints are produced on acid-free papers using archival inks to guarantee that they last a lifetime without fading or loss of color. All art prints include a 1″ white border around the image to allow for future framing and matting, if desired.”

If you did not review the “types” of paper, you should check them out at this link to make sure you get the best paper quality for your image:

Check the box o for the paper finish you want to receive. Then, go down to 5. Finish:

Click > 5. Finish –

Your options for “Finish” will be determined by whether or not you order a Frame around your image:

  1. “Framed images” will have the option: “Premium Clear Acrylic with Foamcore Backing”
  2. Images with “NO Frame” options will have the option: “Rolled In A Cardboard Tube” (If this is what you want do: > Choose your size; > Select Paper Type; > Finish; and > Add to Cart.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can scroll down to a section called “ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS” beneath every image you view. You will see how the image looks on various products you can purchase, or send as a gift.

However, on many products you will be able to place, or position, the image (and re-size it) on a product. More about that later … but, this option is NOT available on Wall Art.

I suggest that you complete all of the Blogs in this series so that you will also understand how to use features for sizing/placing an image on a product, how to place colored borders around product, how to manage the color/tint/shade options and use color hex codes for thousands of options.

So … I will pick back up next time with Wall Art and Framed Prints. I see there are many options there for you to consider for improving your choices … and I am sure you will be pleased with options that are coming in the next blog!

Until next time … happy coloring,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

PS: Keep the information in this Blog (#10) handy … because most of it will apply to Blog #11 (Posters) … with certain notable exceptions. But, there is no good reason to send you about 2000 words from the last blog, because you can easily access it.

PPS: I have not forgotten the huge surprise I promised for you from another artist, but it will be in the next Blog (#11).

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