This new course is now FREE with many updates … and the course is comprised of all 15 blog posts on this website.

Blog #16 is offered in case you are not already immune to Covid-19 … nor to any of the future contagious diseases that are sure to be introduced into the world.

The $495 projected fee for the course has now been waived because of so many people stuck at home because of Covid-19.

More online retailers are beginning to provide new kinds of tools for their online shoppers … why? … because more and more people are taking advantage of online shopping.

The information provided in this course is NOT overwhelming … but there is a lot of it which most online shoppers will never learn how to use without it.

There is even a FREE book from Amazon that can be used as a companion to the FREE online blog course.  Here is the picture of the book cover:


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Best Color Choices

I suppose that the best news is that you can get this FREE book even if you do not take the online shopping course.

My visitors can get it here now … or from one of the links presented later on this website … Click here:  Shopping Color Choices

You can go from here to the FREE course at this link: https://www.shopwithadvantages.com/

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