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Best Color Choices

It’s really simple. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

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  2. Just follow the Blogs (1 – 15) in the right column (Online Course Blogs).
  3. Feel free to go back and review as many times as you like … no tests and no grades … but there is a ton of valuable information for you.

This is a Blog website featuring many resources for shopping online and offline. The “shopping world” is changing daily … and keeping up can be challenging.

There are about 15 Blogs on this website that actually serve as a FREE mini online course for shopping tips, tricks, and advantages … but I might add a few more blogs from time to time.

Soon the world will be operating on 5G technology (that just means … 5th Generation Technology) where the digital age will start moving at “Warp” speed.

The first thing on this website for shoppers is a Blog series that presents a free online course about shopping and the effects of colors on shopping … but more importantly … most people have no idea that they can improve their lives by using the colors that promote them the best.

Knowing how to shop is great … but without places to shop … the shopping knowledge goes to waste. To make sure that does not happen, we have added some select sources where our visitors can find a wide variety of products to review.

By understanding the effects of colors on our products for gifts or personal use, we can greatly increase our efficiency in making our selections by knowing how to make color changes (and change sizes) on the products we buy for ourselves or as gifts for others.

Why is color important?  Colors affect every single thing we do in life, and they influence our decisions about why or how we do something … in fact … the whole world is on a color schedule.

If you don’t think so … just watch the animals use colors for migration, mating, finding food, recognizing dangers, identifying each other … and so much more.

In the beginning, I was going to convert this shopping blog into an online course that people would have to pay for. But … I decided not to do that.

I am a retired college professor, and this is my way of giving information back to people for free.

I have enough money to live on, and my life does not depend upon having to sell things other people. But … if I make a little money … that’s great. 
And … if I can help other people save a little money … that’s even better.

However, I believe in helping people. To do that, I am going to keep this as a free online course, shopping blog … and continue to add shopping information strategies for people to use.

In fact, I am going to add some really advanced shopping tips and skills as time goes on. Sometimes, we all have to re-read something a few times … I know I do.

Start with Blogs 1 through 11 because there is as ton of information there to get you started. Feel free to review this information as often as you need to for your own use.

Don’t worry … there are no tests or grades … and only a small percent of the world’s population is going to know what you know. Ha! And that’s all to your advantage!

If you don’t see some of those blogs there yet, just come back a little later. I often take them down to update them with some new information.

When you progress to the more intense Blogs 12, 13, 14, and “Special Bonus” Blog 15 … you might need to review them a few time … but this is where you can start to put it all together.

This online blog course will remain free … so, tell all your friends to get this FREE online shopping Blog-course now … and get ready for some big changes in the retail world (both offline and in walk-in stores).

Why? Retailers are learning that many folks will stay home and shop online if they do not have to get out deal with traffic jams and crowds of people.

By the time people get ready for their next big online shopping season… you will be way ahead of the crowd of shoppers who have not learned what you now know about online shopping.

Plus, people do have many events all during the year for which they need that special gift, or card, or other necessities of a personal nature. 

But, you don’t have to wait for any particular season to start employing the shopping color strategies that you are learning now.

Best of success, peace, prosperity, and joy to you,

Professor “Bumblebee” Watrous

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PPS:  After you learn how to control sizes and apply colors on gifts and products that you want … or … when you get ready to begin your own personal, or gift, shopping … here is one place to start your adventure for many product categories:   Special Gifts/Special Occasions